Company Background

Fertibom was established in 1994 on account of regional needs in the use of liquid fertilizers for the citrus sugar cane production. Our main target has always been to meet the needs of the regional agricultural producers with both a practical and efficient business pattern, aimed at giving just-in-time support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Another main concern has also always been to reach our clients’ total satisfaction.
The innovative aspect of the company has been accomplishing an outstanding competitive post each year, which has also led the business into enlarging both its production and processes line as well, and thus, end up being the supplier of the great majority of the regional agricultural producers.
In 2001, forseeing nowadays worldwide known tendencies, the possibility of acting in a new segment comes up, proposing some investment in a renewable biofuel, the so called Biodiesel, which was not very well known at the time.
With the idea launched, we have started the surveys about the several possibilities of oleaginous seeds applied to the biodiesel production.
In 2005, we set up the biodiesel production with our brand Biomax, being the very first company in São Paulo State to get the ANP permission for producing the biodiesel from various oleaginous seeds and animal fat. This procedure brings environmental gains by changing fossil fuels for renewable ones and making it possible to believe in the several advantages of this segment.
Furthermore, we are the only biodiesel industry nationally known for the use of ethanol (cane alcohol) in our producing process.
This way, keeping to our features, we are used to developing all our processes indoors, making use of the latest built and perfected technology by our staff. We have a daily concern of guaranteeing both quality and satisfaction to our clients and partners by working with environmentally friendly products and strengthening our slogan: “On good terms with nature.”

Our history is built every single day, little by little!