From the very beginning of its activities Fertibom has always sought after its products’ continuous improvement and the production technology. Our highly competent research, development and innovation team work day after day in projects aiming at biodiesel production and liquid fertilizes with maximum quality, always focusing on nature preservation when new technologies are found.
We own laboratories where one may find capable teams fulfilling analyzes in our products quality control. Furthermore, they also work in researches of alternative biodiesel production lines.
Nowadays, we count on a large data bank with well over 7.600 samples, with various relations of grease / ethanol substance and a wide range of raw materials.
Our chosen production line developed with ethyl alcohol is made up of various raw materials, which go from both the well-known ones, such as soya oil, cotton and bovine fat, as well as other oleaginous seeds.
With the use of cane alcohol in biodiesel production, we do guarantee one of the best industrial productivities ever.