Fertilizer Industrialization

By providing the rural producers with agronomic consultancy Fertibom offers fertilizer industrialization at high quality so as to get a greater productivity.

Operational advantages of using liquid fertilizer

• Greater autonomy of the machinery with the greatest loading capacity;
• Little demanding in workmanship when handling the fertilizer;
• It reduces the costs with fertilizer storage structure;
• No more product loss due to excessive handling.

Formulation versatility

The process of liquid fertilizer production allows the acquisition of a great range of formulations with varied nutrient concentrations. This procedure meets the soil-plant needs in an appropriate and agronomical way, as well as showing economical advantages.

Even applications of micronutrients

The micronutrients are solubilized in the formulations in a homogeneous way, allowing a more uniform application if compared to the majority of the solid fertilizers.
Apart from this, we have the availability of an industrialization capacity of 100.000 tons a year of liquid fertilizer, keeping in mind that our products are certified by Ribersolo Ribeirão Preto/SP.
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