Fertibom is the very first company in São Paulo State to hold the ANP permission for the biodiesel production.
Biodiesel can be produced from vegetal oils obtained from various sources, such as soya, cotton, peanuts, dendê, sunflower, castor bean (or castor-oil plant) pequi, “cupuaçu” (a plant closely related to the cacao  tree), canola, buriti, among others. It can also be obtained from animal fats added to ethylic or methyl alcohol.

Biodiesel Advantages

• Biodiesel burning generates low rates of pollution, avoiding global warming and decreasing effectively the impact on cardio respiratory diseases;
• Creates employment and income, settling the man down in the field;
• It also contributes to the Brazilian trade balance, as its consumption leads to a decrease in the need of importing diesel oil;
• Produced in large amounts, with the use of incipient oleaginous seeds raw material, its production cost might be lower than its petrol derivates.

Biomax Main Benefits

• With our own T-Max technology, as well as the ethylic route on which we are the very first ones, we do guarantee a lower CFPP, as our product does put up with a greater temperature range;
• The technology developed by Fertibom has turned into a better product, better drawn up, thus guaranteeing a greater industrial output and also a reliability in the biodiesel / diesel blend.